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    How hard is it to adjust to a radical change in string Angle caused by going to a shorter ATA bow?  I’ve got a Q2… and I may be in the market for something new… but everything for hunting these days seems to be 30″ or shorter and the Q2 is an archaic 34″ ATA.  What type of problems will that pose?
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    I’d say if you don’t have long arms (DL) it shouldn’t be too bad but you will notice a difference. Personally my shortest ATA bow is the Heli-m and I don’t think I’d go any shorter in ATA than that. My DL is 27.5 and my Z7Mag fits me just right.
    Doesn’t matter what anybody else says. Get out there and try em.Remember that the risers are longer and will give the feel of a longer ATA bow than the Q2.

    Have fun!

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    Ok… 30″ DL…  That would have been helpful information to give.
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    I hate to say it but it’s something you really should try before you buy. I’m a 30″ draw length and I can’t get comfortable with a 30″ ATA bow. I can shoot them but I have to work harder to shoot them well.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}
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    My true draw is 28.25″ and I have a hard time shooting the sub-33″ ATA bows. A very short throw release, like the Carter Plain 1 or the trigger-forward style wrist straps with about a 1/2″ longer DL than you normally shoot helps a lot, but it still involves leaning the head into the string. The problem with leaning the head into the string comes with a lot of other issues, like rolled up bow arm shoulder, more difficult for back tension execution, etc. Like said, give them a try and see how well you can adjust.

    I think that going from a bow like the Q2 to bows like the MR-7 or MR-6 is going to blow your mind. The string angle will be about the same (33″ ATA with huge cams). The draw cycle is the only thing that puts off many shooters, but if you stay with the 60# limbs, it can be easily handled. Even at 60# the MR-series bows do better with .300: spine shafts. With a 30″ DL, a 60# MR-6 would be flinging 500 grain arrows at 285 fps, 400 gr arrows at 315 fps…a totally different experience than the Q2 {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}

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    I’m 6’3″ and have a 29″ draw and I’ve shot everything from a 29.5″ ATA to a 40.5 ATA. And I keep going back to a 34 or 35 ATA, they just seem to feel best to me and at those ATA’s I really seem to to be able to shot better. For whatever it’s worth, but like I tell everyone looking at getting into Archery, shot everything you can get your hands on and the bow will pick you!

    Scott {#emotions_dlg.mathews_nerd}

    That Crazy Old Mormon in Utah! My Bow: Prime Impact 50# @ 29" My Rest: Trophy Ridge "SmackDown" My Sight: Spott Hogg "Hunter"
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    I am a true 30.5″ draw length but I shoot a 30 mainly because it is more comfortable to me, my current bow is a 32″ ATA, for me it seems anything under that length of ATA just does not feel right, I have tried several bows over 32 and they do feel good, the ones under that I cannot get to fit right.
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    I have the Switchback, MR7 and the Z7 Magnum at 60/70# and a 28″ draw and the three are comfortable at the ATA they are in. I like the looks of the shorter ATA bows but don’t like my form shooting them. This goes back to the DXT and Outback that owned.  I can shoot them but not comfortable with them. I went out and shot this years’ bows from Mathews and others but it seems they all went to that short stuff models except for a few manufacturers but I was not interested in owning one of those bows.
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    I’ve been struggling with the same decision….To Creed or NOT to Creed.. Maybe the M7 would be perfect for me, but I’d rather stick with single cams. (And I’d rather have a *new* bow.) Oh, AND I would rather the bow be a Mathews!!

    I have used a Q2 since 2000, and have been sort of “put off” by Mathews’ philosophy of “shorter is better.”
    Before anyone says it,
    “A long riser makes a short ATA bow more stable”….I’ve heard that for the last several years.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_rolling_eyes} –Doesn’t increase the string angle though!

    “Larger cams make the bow SEEM like the bow has a longer ATA length”…… I like the Creed….It IS stable. Maybe a little less abrupt dump into the valley, but not bad for a hunting bow. BUT….it still will not be as accurate as a forgiving bow that fits you properly.
    Note that I’m not saying that the Creed is not forgiving-**In my opinion** (key words there) I’m sure the Creed could be a perfect bow for draw lengths up to 27.5″.

    I have used the Q2 for so long, I guess I am too hard-headed to make a change—(I have shot EVERY flagship bow since I bought my Mathews in 2000)- In fact, it’s been an on-going joke with the shop owner about when I’m going to buy my NEW bow!

    If I don’t finally break down and buy the Creed (I doubt that I do), I REALLY hope that a new flagship with a more friendly string angle is in the company’s future…. I have the money to get it……Just MAKE it, already!!!!  {#emotions_dlg.mathews_praying}


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    I would like to thank Stringjumper for saying how I feel about current bows. I am prepared to buy a new bow as soon as something longer than the current bunch shows up. My dealer is a close friend and for several years he just looks at me and shakes his head when I show up to see the new bow each year. I shoot them anyway but haven’t been “chosen” by a bow yet. I will be ready to buy when the new bows come out, so we’ll see…
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