Starting my 4.5 YO Grandson

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    I would like to get my grandson started in archery. Is 4.5 YO to young?
    Reccomendation for equipment for him.
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    :D Never too young or too old…within reason :D

    For him the Mini Genesis would grow with him for years…


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    Jay Miller

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    I have pictures of me at the age of 4 shooting with my dad out back behind the house. My nephew is 6 and is already shooting as well so I think it will be fine.

    As far as equipment, I am not the one to ask since I do not keep up on that gear.

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    It really is up to your grandson, 4 or 5 years-old isn’t too young if he wants [/i:3ucyfz5s]to start in archery, then most obstacles are already overcome. If he is reluctant, then forcing the issue usually ends up badly and waiting a year or so would be better. At least that has been my experience when coaching youth groups.

    One way to peak a kids interest without forcing the issue is to have him accompany you when you practice, pulling arrows for you, etc. … often kids naturally want to emulate adults.

    Also, at young ages, kids vary quite a bit in physical strength, some developing earlier or later, but that can be taken into account by proper choice of DW/DL. The Mini Genesis is a good choice for very young archers.

    Start off teaching finger shooting. It is too hard to find a release that will fit a 4-5 yr old, and it takes extra co-ordination that most 4-5 yr olds don’t have. The “No-Glove” is a popular string accessory, but I don’t like them because they weigh so much they sap nearly all the energy out of a 6-12 lb DW bow. A simple finger tab can be trimmed to fit and isn’t expensive. An armguard is a good investment … string slap ruins the interest of many kids getting started. … Finger+tab … guard.html

    Sights and peep seem to be a problem for the very young, just too much for them to assimilate, plus they are worthless without a consistent anchor point and form. I would start him off by getting him properly fitted then focusing on form and anchor point at very close distances, like no more than 10 yds. Sights, peep, releases, stabilizers, etc. can come later. At this age, popping ballons is more appealing than some adult’s instruction on how to use a peep and sight. [=}=]

    As for arrows, I prefer the aluminum shaft for safety reasons. They don’t have the issues with cracking, carbon fiber or wood slivers, etc. and damage is easily detected. I go the extra expense of installing unibushing an use F-nock or G-nocks because damaged nocks can be changed out quickly. The Genesis arrow is perfect for youth, but only comes in an XX75 1820 shaft which is extremely heavy for a Mini Genesis setup. I prefer the Easton Jazz or Blues. For a Mini Genisis, an Easton Jazz 1214 would be a good option an takes a direct fit G-nock or F-nock without a uni-bushing. With a simple fletching jig like the Bohning Helix, you could have him fletch his own arrows … with your supervision, of course ;) … hafts.html

    … hope this helps. [=}=]

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    Thanks for the suggestions, recomendations. :thumbup
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    I was out shooting with my 10 year old daughter, and 7 and 5 year old sons the other day. My two year old son (23 months, actually) was there as well with Momma, and of course he wanted to do everything like his siblings. So I kneeled down and held my 5 year old’s Genesis out in front of me, and before I knew it, my 2 year old had his hand on the grip and the other hand on the string trying to pull it back! So quickly I put an arrow on, and “we” drew it back a little…just enough to send it forward. We released and he shrieked with joy. Now, whenever we are shooting, he wants to be right in it with us. Of course, being two, this brings with it a whole new level of caution. Can’t be too careful. Kids can get fingers in cams, etc. But the desire is there, and if you are careful, I think young’ns have a lot to gain from starting early.
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