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    I’ve been swamped at the bow shop and decided to go try my luck at turkey hunting this weekend. I have never done it before and we don’t have many near western Kansas. I traveled to eastern KS to chase some gobblers around.

    I will tell you that you better be in shape to spot and stalk these dudes around.  Luckily I had a  contact that was willing to show me the ropes and teach me how to call and read these silly things.

    Got set up at 5 am on a 500′ hill that rises above the entire property. As soon as the sun broke the noise from the woods was amazing. It was a first time experience for me and I must say it was a day that I will remember forever.

    Found a group of 3 jakes and 1 small tom. (At least I think he is a Tom) I am a rookie at Turkey hunting so please take it easy if my terminology isn’t correct. They were about 500 yards in front of us down the hill  in a corn stalk field. It seemed like they were milling around and slowly working in our general vicinitydirection. About 500′ down the hill and 200 yards in front of us was a huge brush pile that the landowner had pushed up to clear room for crops. It had a massive oak piled up right on top of the pile. I knew if we could get there before they crossed that  point I could  ambush them.

    After some serious sprinting down the back side of the hill and then belly crawling to get to that spot I was hoping to poke my head over the pile and see them about 100 yds out to give me time to get situated and range a few spots.

    We made it in about 15-20 minutes I would imagine. I really lost track of time. Got a huge burst of adrenaline.

    As I peeked over the large tree I couldn’t believe it.  I estimated  were around 40 yds out and kind of acting alert.

    I popped back down and drew the bow back while sitting semi horizontal. My experienced buddy was right behind me and was able to get a good range on the birds.

    “35 yds” he whispered, follwed by ” you better shoot soon, they know something is up”.

    I poked over the tree and put the spot between my 35 and 4o yd pin right at the base of his neck and let it fly…

    A loud pop as the arrow sailed right  through the spot I was aiming..The bird dropped just like the rug was pulled out from under him. Didn’t really flop too much at all.

    The broadhead did the trick.  I can proudly say that I have gotten to harvest a turkey now and it was a Spot and stalk!

    Here is a photo taken at sunrise at the top of the hill.


    And here is the Shot of the Turkey! Not the biggest bird in the woods, but I am satisfied!
    This is the first blood for the Limited Edition Creed.


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    An archery bird without a blind is a whole different ball game! Congrats on the Jake!

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    Spot and stalk Turkey is no easy task, congrats on making it happen. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Now thats how its done….

    well done young man!
    Nice bird and a great story.
    Never worry about it being the biggest bird on the mountain….they all eat the same. A trukey with a bow especially the way you got your = Priceless.


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    You done good.  Real good.  Congratulations.
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    Congrats on your spring turkey! {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up} And thanks for sharing your story.
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    Very cool. That’s a bird to be proud of!

    I’ve killed probably 50 turkey with a bow but only 2 spot and stalk.


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