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    How do you guys select what spine shafts to use?
    The poll above is to satisfy my curiosity [=}=]
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    I use what Methews suggests
    I shoot 70# so need, minimally a 350 gr arrow

    I use the downloadable arrow chart from Easton,
    for choosing their shafts choices. FMJ’s I shoot 300’s

    If I’m shooting Carbon Express, Maxima Hunter then it’s 350
    Terminator Select Hunter, 50/75

    All most all arrow manufacturers use a different method.
    Some use different among their own brands.

    It’s not a constant.


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    I’ll follow the printed chart of each arrow’s manufacturer. I also keep in mind that it seems that my bow prefers to shoot the stiffer stuff so if my choice is on the border of 2 different shafts, I’ll go with the stiffer spine [=}=]
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)