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    I recently read in a local hunting forum that modern bow strings require a specific type of wax with a conditioner in it. I just bought a brand new tube of Bohning  Seal-Tite from Bass Pro. It’s a silicone based green tube, with the standard white wax that I grew up with. Is there any that I need to worry about, or am I okay? Any help is appreciated!
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    Almost forgot, I’m shooting a 2010 Z7 Xtreme.
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    quote: “Bohning® Seal-Tite® silicone-based bowstring wax for compounds, recurves and longbows prolongs life of bowstring and helps prevent fraying and string dry-out.  Designed and recommended for synthetic fiber bowstrings and cables, Seal-Tite® resists penetration by water and keeps moisture out of the bowstring, protecting critical string fibers.”

    I think you’re covered {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}

    Many different brands out there and everyone has a favorite. I’ve used Bohning, BCY, Dalton, Scorpion Venom Polymeric and others. They all work. Just make sure to use the stuff you choose often.

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