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    As far as speed goes…. your not gonna see 2fps between the two bows. I have shot the creed aswell as the spider 30…im probably gonna get bashed for this but it my own opinion the spider felt better to me….but I havent had the chance to shoot them side by side. Spider was smoother but the Creed had a better backwall. Not really a fan of dual cams but I was surprised with the spider. The only Hoyt i’ve actually taken a liking to. As far as pushy shop owners go, they will do anything for a buck, just be happy he didnt try to sell you a Diamond or Martin!!:-)
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    Thanks for everyone’s input.

    No doubt the spyder is amazing. Really an impressive bow. I’ve ordered the creed and am just waiting. In the end the creed seemed a little easier to draw and I believe it is slightly quieter with less hand shock. They are both extremely close and the spyder is a bit faster when set up equally. In my testing the spyder was almost 10 fps faster with my 376 grain arrows.

    I think my shop owners opinion was honest in the sense that he would pick the speed increase over the slightly easier draw and the small difference in hand shock. I chose the opposite this time around.

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    I shot the Creed and the Spyder 34 before I bought my Impact, and although the Creed was too short ATA for me (the reason I didn’t even shoot the Spyder 30), I felt the Creed was the better bow overall. The draw was much smoother and it was for sure quieter. I’m not too concerned with speed so I didn’t even compare them based on that. Another thing I noted about the Spyder 34 was that it had way more post shot vibration than the Creed.
    In the end, it’s not your shop guy shooting your bow, it’s you. Get the one YOU want.

    Wise Advice, Buy the one that feels the best to you! After all “WHO’s PAYING FOT IT”

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    you got to shoot what you like…I like the spyder over the creed and if that was the only choice I had I would shoot the spyder…im sticking with my z7 xtreme for one more season.
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    I had the same dilemma except add the helim and hoyt vector into the mix. The helim was faster but louder and had a stiffer draw, the spyder was like a tuning fork vibrating so it was the first to go, the vector and the creed were all that was left. God that was a hard decision both fantastic bows. I shot them both on at least 5 different trips the shop. I finally decided that the creed which was the first bow I shot and said WOW was the one for me. It was dead in my hand it had a smooth draw cycle and to me just felt like it was tailored to fit me. good luck its tough but just keep shooting them both until you know.I dont regret going almost half a dozen times and trying them all. Its alot of money we spend to own one of these things. best make sure you get the one you want.
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