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    Soloarcher, If I were you, I’d get in touch with the Solid Broadhead folks and inform them of the “flyer” broadhead you had. Could be a manufacturing defect. Maybe a bent ferrule.  For the price they want for these, I would hope they’d be willing to replace it.
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    I finally had a chance to shoot all three of the Solid heads and I do have one that hits consistently low.  I will probably give them a call and see what happens.  As far as noise goes, I also got some Magnus Buzzcut 100s to compare to.  The Solids make almost identical noise to the Buzzcuts and both are slightly louder (not drastically) than my Slick Trick Standards.  I’m really enjoying the two blade broadheads at this point and will be working with them over the summer.  I can certainly say at this point I’ll be chasing turkey’s with a two blade head….just don’t know which one yet!!!  Lol
Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)