So our current POTUS was illegally elected after all……

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    I’ve been watching this case but no one else seems to care.  Probably cause it doesn’t really matter much at this point.  Not going to “un-ring the bell”.

    It is amazing what people will stoop to. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_shocked}

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    Not news to this hoosier, but you’re right, I seriously doubt 1) that it will even get front page coverage in the MSM, and 2) that it will have any impact on any outcome that resulted from it.
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    Right wing propaganda LOL. They were paid-off by the conservatives to do it. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_crying}

    No it probably doesn’t matter at this point. We’re stuck. 3 + more years.

    Hope we last that long! Lets see – if he were to be impeached, they would put in Joe B right? Now that’s an improvement {#emotions_dlg.mathews_whistle}

    I’d almost go for that at this point.

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    And then there is this from Sheriff Joe:

    When asked what the “the truth” of the matter was, Gallups responded, “The truth is that the birth certificate proffered by Obama himself as his ONLY identifying document presented to the public thus far – is a fake. It’s a forged and fabricated document. The question has to be asked – ‘Why would the POTUS present a forged document to the nation and proclaim this to be his legitimate identification?’  It doesn’t make sense – unless, perhaps, he has no legitimate identification. If this is so, it goes directly to national security, constitutional law, federal law, and a potential constitutional crises.”

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    Obama is a waste of oxygen! This government is so embarrassing.
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