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    Smoked Pork Butt

    I got this recipe from a friend who is part of Team “Hot Grill on Grill Action”
    of BBQ Pitmasters. ( )

    You will need

    2 10/13lb Pork Butt
    Meat Injector

    2 cans of Coke
    2 Sticks of Butter
    2 cups of Apple Cider
    1/8 cup of Garlic Salt

    4 packs of McCormacks Butt Rubb
    2 cups of Turbinado Sugar

    Melt the Butter in a large bowl, then add Coke, Apple Cider & Garlc Salt
    Mix well & fill injector. Put injector in the middle of the Pork Butt & slowly pull out while injecting. Change spots & repeat until gone or until it wont hold anymore.

    Mix Turbinado Sugar & McCormacks & rub evenly on Pork Butt. Place in Smoker at 225-250 degress & cook untill 160 degress internal temp. The Pork Butt will need wrapped with Hevy Duty Tin Foil when the desired Bark is obtained. Total cooking time is around 8-12 hours.

    I made this for my sons Baptism & no one knew they were eating Wild Boar.

    Also you have to do Flabongo’s while grilling
    1 Yard Flamingo
    Beer of choice.

    Cut the beak off of the flamingo, then cut a hole in the middle of the belly. Hold flamingo upside down & pour beer into belly. put beak in mouth and tilt back until beer is gone.

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    I’ll be trying this, minus the flamingo sucking :^O

    Looks awesome, thanks for the recipe :thumbup

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    No problem. You won’t be disappointed, except for not doing the Flabongo
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