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    I was looking for a new sight for next years season and single pin sight caught my attention. What would be some pros and cons on these sights?
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    Hi there MNhunter32, allow me to give my two cents on this.. IMO a lot of guys like the single pin because it doesn’t clutter there sight picture. and they can just focus on just that one pin and the settle it on the vitals of your game of choice. Okay now the draw backs to me anyway is that say that deer or elk move then you have to adjust your sight to match the new yardage, instead of just raising your bow slightly to that next pin. Sometimes multiple pins can get confusing but they have not bothered me any, however I am looking at different sights this year and I am going to get three of them. so I have the same sight on all my bows. One sight that I like is the IQ micro from Field Logic, and I want to look at the Trophy Ridge sight, and I hear Axion is coming out with something special, but time will tell. and yes I am looking for multiple pin sight. Okay the flip side. I do like the CBE single pin sight and there are also a lot of guys that use single pin for 3D. So really its all up to you bud, and what you like best. I have thought about going to a single pin myself but I am unsure.. I feel that it will hinder me, that I will not be able to adjust quick enough.. Well there is my two cents I hope this helps and doesn’t confuse you more…
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    HHA, Spot Hogg and Black Gold sights are quality single pin sights. It sounds like each one of these sights companies are changing their line up this year from all the early mentions to the ATA show. The Trophy Ridge folks have a single pin as well now.
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    I’ve never tried a single pin sight, but I suspect, like bowcrazy30, I would not be comfortable fiddling with the sight if the game moved. But, guys use them with success, so maybe it isn’t that difficult. {#emotions_dlg.typotux}
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