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    I just ordered my Mathews Z7 for hunting and now comes the fun part…..outfitting my new bow! I am looking for advice on sights and rests. I will say I prefer single pin non-pendelum sights and I have no prefence on the rest. I’ve never shot a drop-away rest, but I’m very interested. You guys opinion would be great!
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    Both the Whisker Biscuit and the QAD Hunter HD are excellent rests. I recently switched from the Biscuit to the QAD and I seem to be more accurate at longer yardages ( >40 yards) with the QAD Hunter HD.

    The Biscuit versus dropaway style rest is a popcorn and refreshment theme on all archery forums. :whistle

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    Ripcord rest and Copper John Dead Nuts works for my Z7!
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    SPOT HOG IT 5 Pins wrap
    QAD HD
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