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    I recently got back into bow hunting, and I am trying to get some feedback on the best hunting sight to put on my new Chill. Any suggestions would be helpful!


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    I prefer the Spot Hogg hunter 5 pin….
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    Spot Hogg here also.
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    Single pin sights vs. multi-pin sights and Spot Hogg makes both with exceptional quality.
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    Spot Hogg with out a doubt
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    Spot Hogg!{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Things to look for in a hunting sight:

    • - Ruggedness. Are the materials tough enough to take some knocks and not get the sight out of whack.
    • - Security of settings. Once set, do the pins, windage, and elevation  hold and not vibrate loose.
    •  – Fiber Optic brightness. Can the fiber optics be seen at the first and last legal shooting light?
    • - 2nd and 3rd Axis adjustments for shooting up/down and side slope.
    •  – Pin options, both in size and number, that fit your hunting conditions. Someone out West hunting sage flats might need seven pins, while someone else hunting Eastern hardwoods can do with just three.

    Beyond the hunting requirements, other worthwhile features are ease and precision of adjustability, both in the individual pins and in the gang adjustments for windage and elevation, and ability to accept accessories, like lens or sun/rain shades or lights. Check the game regulations about lens magnification and artificial lights or other battery operated sight accessories.

    I prefer the Spot Hogg Wrap products because they are ruggedly built and feature micro-drive adjustability in windage and elevation. Spot Hogg Customer Service is top-notch.

    Another excellent hunting sight is Axcel:


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    Well, overwhelmingly positive in the SpotHogg. Appreciate the feedback!!
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