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    Purchased a new Chill but it seems the sights that I have use mounting screws that are too big for the holes in the Chill.  I’d bought a Spot Hogg Real Deal that uses 10×24 allen screws but it looks like the bow is threaded for 8×24.  My Z7 is threaded for 10×24, so I’m at a loss.  I guess I thought it was a standard.  I’ve emailed Mathews and Spot Hogg but don’t expect a response before tomorrow.  Anyone else have this problem?
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    If you bought the Chill from a authorized Mathews Dealer I’d be talking to him about this. You’re right that screw size is pretty much a standard size.
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    The sight mount bolt hole and thread and distance between the bolt hole centers is an AMO standard. Both Spot Hogg and Mathews follow the AMO Standard.

    Take the bow to a Mathews Dealer, the bolt holes may need to be chased if any powder coating or graphic film prep got into them.



    Two holes located on the outside of the bow window are to be 10-24 threaded

    holes spaced 1.312 +- .010 center to center. Minimum thread depth shall be

    .250. Mounting holes in sights or other side mounting accessories should

    conform to these dimensions. A line through the axis of the holes shall be parallel

    to the bowstring.

    EXPLANATION: 10-24 threaded holes are used to provide a secure fastening for

    bow quivers, fishing reels, etc

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    Thanks guys.  Your comments were spot on.  I talked to my dealer today and he’s had a problem with a couple of bows coming in where the bow finish runs over the mounting holes.  Mine was number three and he was working on number two while he was talking to me.  I just applied a little extra pressure working the screws to clean out the start of the threads and it opened up.  Now I’m good to go.  For what it’s worth, Spot Hogg’s tech. support is awesome.  After emailing them with the issue, they actually contacted Mathews and assured me the taps hadn’t changed.  Thumbs up to everyone and it’s nice to know for sure that it is a “standard” size.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)