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    really needing some shed hunting tips! iv been out once but found nothing anything helps! thanks!!
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    The best is with a dog. You will at times find them, depends a lot on the landscape. The best is with a dog that is trained and well reworded when a shed is found. You will find most in the deep grass in the marsh and creek bottom’s. Just got mine trained good and lost her to cancer and am now ready to find a new little female Black Lab. I think I am healed enough to do this and the time of year is right. Been looking but some of the good stock is way out of my range. $1500 and up is more than I am worth. Then you add in the vet, training, food and a couple dozen birds you get to the $3000 real soon. #-o
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    Try between bedding and feeding areas, check any fence lines or ditches when they jump over they jolt and fall off. Follow any trails and check thickets .
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    It all depends on your location, but there are those factorst that apply everywhere. Feeding and Bedding areas are of course your #1, follow trails to and from. Our biggest help here is getting out with a few day old snow and seeing where they have been spending their time. even when there is still antler on their heads. Helps get ya ready and in shape. They say South and east facing slopes, where the deer avoid the wind and the hills get the most sun for food exposure. Fence lines are always key as well, good for a base search to start with. Walk slow and keep those eyes on the ground. bionoculars are nice for glassing and saving time while trying to determine stick from bone. Get high vantage points, cover lots of ground and best of all practice!
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    Look where the deer are and take a set of binos with you.
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    you sure they’ve dropped them already?
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    This is the only time of the year that I go into the bedding area. But the transition areas between bed and feed is where I find most of mine. Good luck and don’t give up.
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    Any suggestions for big woods that don’t really have clear bedding or feeding areas?
    I have been looking for cedar thickets and pine stands as bedding areas, but the deer pretty much eat and sleep everywhere in the forrest I hunt.
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