Setting up my new MR7

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    Just got an mr7 and need help setting it up. Looking for advice on sights, rests, quiver, and stabilizers. The whole nine yards.

    Doesn’t have to be the most expensive stuff, but I have a Cadillac bow and I don’t want to put retreads on her!

    Budget is about $500.


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    Ktech stabilizer around a 8″ to 9″ out front and the KSB1 rear stab, Vapor Trails Pro V Limb driver rest, Sims Limb savers Broad Band for split limbs, and I prefer single pin so I might suggest the HHA optimizer lite ultra 5519. That’s what I would suggest — good luck.
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    Nice bow, I have a MR7 also. I would recommend  QAD HDX rest or the Mathews edition QAD HDX, the regular HDX is a few bucks cheaper but not much and its the same thing.. It just doesn’t say Mathews on it.. Axion GLZ Gridlock 7.5 oz or 60z 5″ stabilizer, and CBE Sniper Pro sight. That might go a little bit beyond 500 bucks but let me know what you think. If you don’t have a release yet I would recommend the Scott Little Goose or the mongoose xt. Good luck and let me know what you think..
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    Honestly I would buy the best sight you can. I used spend equal amounts on my rest but the rests out now are all pretty good. I have a Hogg father and it has opened a whole new world of archery for me. I shoot a old g5 archery expert 2. Heck I used to shoot a quick tune 2000 I got for ten bucks!

    I would also get a T3 quiver. Best in the market if you bowhunt.

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