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    Yeah, Im an informed citizen so I can look through a lot of hot issues no matter how the media spins things but this is ludacris.  Just look at a few statements in this article:
    Wow!” said one surprised neighbor. “That’s a lot of guns. It’s scary.”
    “He had more firepower than the detectives who arrested him,” said Spota

    Come on now Mr Neighbor.  You honestly think your neighbor is scary.  What about the real criminals that are everywhere that seldom even use a firearm?
    And Mr Detective, guess what, most ANY hunter that uses a firearm will have more firepower than the average LEO.  Neither of the above comments have anything to do with having any illegal handguns……but the nmber of guns the guy had…..and the ammo.

    And, who has the guy harmed?  Please tell me.

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    Stupid comments for sure, and it’s ridiculous that a handgun would be illegal and cause someone to go to jail in the US simply because there’s no “license” for it– even more so when it’s just sitting in the home. But it’s also a rather strange story over all if it’s true as printed. 300 guns scattered around the house? And unless the picture is so poor that the coloring is completely off, the guns sure don’t seem to be well taken care of. I’ve got to wonder about the mental state of the guy (not insinuating that he was a threat with the guns, just that I’d be surprised were he not a bit ‘odd’).
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