Serious ? about group sizes

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    Wow! I didn’t realize how good I am LOL {#emotions_dlg.mathews_laughing}

    What is unfortunate is that I really can’t see well enough to focus on the pins without my glasses, but can’t really focus on the target with them. I suppose it is just one of the many benefits of getting old. lol

    My outdoor range tops out at 70 yards and I have a huge 4′ x 5′ target. When I get beyond 40 yards I can’t see 3″ dots on the target anymore so I basically just center the correct pin on the target – got to buy some pie plates LOL.

    Had my second cataract removed two weeks ago. Can’t believe the difference. Eyesight makes a BIG difference in how one can shoot. My surgeon set up my right eye (right-handed shooter) for focus at arms length (pins) to infinity.
    Before that I got around the issue by using a contact lense in the right eye and a Speciality Archery Peep with a #6 verifier. It helped quite a bit.
    My eye doctor (a shooter) wasn’t familiar with the peep so I brought my sight and the peep in and we played with it in his office. He was impressed.

    You might talk to your eye doc to see if something like that might work for you if you haven’t done so already. If it works, you may see (no pun intended) your groups shrink (after you adjust your arrow spline).

    Good luck!

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    Ok, I give. I will play! My best 100 yard 5 shot group this summer with the creed was under 4.75 ” diameter  from outside of shafts to outside of shafts. I said my best this summer at 100 yds. Last summer with the Heli M I shot a 5  shot  group slightly under 4″. My average 5 shot group at 100yds is probably 7 to 10″.  Bad shot groups get out to 15″”.  I shoot 60 to 100yds for practice.  Shooting above 80yds with out optics makes you really focus on the shot and makes you execute your shot. .010 pin covers a pie plate easily at 100yds.  At 100yds you can call your shot as soon as you release and before the arrow hits the target.  I still  do a few things with a TV show that has a few of  the Pro Mathews 3D.  One is a  3D legend and he told me that shooting long range is the only way you are going to get better as it is more mental than physical..  I used to never shot past 40yds and now 100yds is problem and puts my confidence is right up there.  So {#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}
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    I have been shooting Easton A/C Kinetics for 13 years at 65 lbs out of an old Darton Yukon.  When I bought the Creed and set it up at 65 lbs I just kept the same arrows.  After shooting the Creed every day now for five weeks I have noticed that some groups touch feathers and some are like 3 inches apart.  After thinking that the Creed, or its set up, is less forgiving than my old bow and that my form needs work I read this post.  So, I go on the Carbon Express website and put the Creed through their arrow calculator and I find out that the Creed needs a stiffer spine of arrow.  This proves a couple of things: 1) Spine does matter, 2) Much more goes into spine other than just draw weight, 3) the Creed is that much more efficient than my older bow, and 4) I might not stink as much as I have been thinking that I do the last couple of weeks{#emotions_dlg.mathews_big_smile}.  Thanks for all the input on this thread.  I will be ordering new arrows when the 2014 line is announced.  Thanks again, Shane.
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    Feel lucky my friend. At my age, I would have trouble seeing the target at 100 yards, let alone the problem of having the sight pin block it out. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_big_smile} Seriously though, I did try the smaller pin size as mentioned above but had too much difficulty seeing it. I’m not a competitive target or 3d shooter, just a hunter so I usually just practice out to 35-40 yards. However, if I’m in the right terrain I will take shots at a stump, etc. out to 70-80 yards just for the fun of it. Sometimes I guess right on the bow elevation….sometimes I don’t. Anyway, you’ve received some excellent advice in the above posts so good luck with your shooting.
    We've taken far too many pucks in the head.
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    {#emotions_dlg.mathews_arrow}Remember, your arrows have to land or hit something when released.  It’s nothing but Physics!
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    …At 100yds you can call your shot as soon as you release and before the arrow hits the target. …shooting long range is the only way you are going to get better as it is more mental than physical…

    That is so true … when you release, you just know if the shot execution was perfect or off. Its more about ‘feel’ than ‘thinking’. The harder you try the harder it is… you have to completely let go, focus, let the shot happen.

    And so true about eye-sight. If I had the eyes that  I had when I was 20 and the knowledge that I have at 70, I’d be crowding some of the top pros. But that’s just not the way it is. I have to struggle with the sight picture. Small pins halo on me, and the brighter they are the bigger the halo. Big pins aren’t precise but at least I can see them. Lenses help, especially if they are rated 6x or more, but then the movement on target becomes a mental nightmare.


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    I have to find a range where I can shoot that far to test myself. I bet it would be fun just to try it.
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    Great discussion guys! I would say that my shooting is about the same as Jeeper. I practice out to 60 yards but not very often. Occasional shots at random targets out to 100 yards. I do not shoot competitively, but I believe that I could be a better archer, which is what prompted my original question. Looks like I have my work cut out for me this offseason as I plan on implementing as much of the great advice I have gotten here. Thanks to my fellow archers for all your help!
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    Distance is relative. I am a micro-tuning freak. It makes a difference out past 50 yards.


    Here is a video that my wife took of me blowing the nock off a fletched arrow with a bare shaft on a 93 degree day.

    Bare shaft taking the nock off a fletched arrow at 35 yards.

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