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    Any of you guys run Security Cameras at your house or business?  Any recommendations on brands to choose or brands to stay away from?

    I’d like to put a couple of cameras in/on my house and a couple on my shop and yard area… Do they make wireless cameras or would I have to run cables from the house to the shop to handle both areas with 1 system?

    I’ll be looking for 1 that has smartphone notification, motion detection, night vision capability, and at least 4 cameras.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    This is something I was just starting to look into
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    While I personally don;t have a security system.  People in my family do.  They use Frontpoint Security.

    Ive heard nothing but great things from this security company.  If I were to get a system it would be from these guys for sure.

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    A lot to think about before you commit. You mentioned 4 cameras. How many entrances to each building including windows? If you put one on the front door and they come to the side window the camera watching the front is worthless.

    Do you want to be able to identify people or just ‘see’ that someone is fooling around your property? Cheap cameras won’t give you the detail you need in most cases. Positioning is also important. If all you can see the the back of the intruder it’s not going to be much help.

    The school district I retired from hired a security company to install cams in all the buildings. I ran the technology dept so I had to work with the crews. I pointed out that they didn’t buy enough cameras to be useful. They said they didn’t have the money to spend. It later came back to bite. They ended up putting in more cameras.  Make sure whatever you buy is expandable. Also spend on hard drive space if you have a lot of traffic. Most cams record only when tripped by motion but if you have a heavy traffic area, the cam may be running a lot. Cams can’t tell the diff between movement and will record birds and mice etc.

    If you’re really serious, think about battery back up for the cameras, recorder and network equip. Killing the power will make the system useless.

    Lot more to think about, but this is a starter.

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    I mainly just want to be notified when someone is snooping around my property… I was thinking of pointing 1 cam on my shop area and the other 3 around the house… Back porch, Carport/driveway, and can’t decide on the last location.. The system I am looking at would proabably be an 8 channel for future expansion.  The battery backup is a great idea… hadn’t really thought about that.
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    Ian bell

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    I use the new HikVision cameras – these multi-megapixel cameras are easily available online and at a reasonable cost. My software is Security Monitor Pro, an excellent video surveillance software and I love it. It has time based recording and motion detection alerting, and remote viewing, along with many other features that are useful. Easy to use and reliable. Also supports most other IP cameras and it is expandable to 32 cameras
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