Rattling question??

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    Witch one would be more effective this time of year???
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    Well, I really tickle them and hit them hard, depending on the situation. Last weekend I rattled up several bucks that came in very close (10-12 yards) I was hunting pretty open country. If I setup up near a brushy draw or mesquite flat, I will tickle the horns first just in case I have a buck nearby. If I am setup in pretty open country with a good view down wind, I will hit them as hard as I can, kick rocks, rake trees and grunt.

    We went after a nice buck that Kenny had seen near a creek about an hour before. He saw two nice bucks and some does. By the time we got there we were pretty sure that they were bedding down in the heavy cover near the creek. So, I started rattling from about 100-125 yards out. Nothing. We moved in closer and set up on a bluff overlooking the creek bottom. I rattled one sequence and waited about 10 minutes. Then as soon as I started my second sequence, we saw movement 15-20 yards to our right. We had set up right on top of them and they did not move on the first try. But, the got up and the doe had to lower her head to check out the noise and she saw my movement. They left real fast.

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    I responded leave them at home BUT…I never leave home without my rattling antlers. I don’t use them this time of year except when I have exhausted all other options and a deer is goiing away, out of range. Then I tickle them. I tickled in a buck the first week of Dec. here in St. Louis.
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    ux monster

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    In my area bucks start to fight this time of year not only over does but also first pickings on prime food.
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