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    hello all, just trying to get a feel for the average cost of a range membership. thanks for the input
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    1 is free in a park run by the City. The other is $200 per yr or $7 per car load.
    I shoot there so little that I just pay the times I go. $7 is cheap!
    Free is better. I shoot everyday.
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    $380 for a family membership……. 24hr keyed access.. :thumbup
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    The local indoor range is $5 for all day, they don’t have a membership option that I know of . I selected the 101-200 as that’s what a membership in the sportsmens club I belong to charges but that’s skeet, rifle, pistol, trap, fishing and archery.
    How are you living your Dash?
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    101 to 200 sounds about right the archery club which is 3-d and indoor
    is 250$ non active here or 25$ for active membership but you have to work events, mow, ect.
    pro shop range is 5$ a half day.though i have never had to pay. it seems
    like a good deal.he also gives a range card good for 5 sessions with the purchase of a new bow. but you could sell the cards at a discount. say 5 sessions would cost 25$ but if you bought them all at once in form of a punchable card it would only be 20$ [=}=]
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    I went with the 0-100. The pro shop does not sell an annual membership, GM does for 100, and the outdoor archery club (40 acres) with combination lock entrance for 80 for the family. The club then offers 5/hr of work off the membership up to half off for any projects done at the club like 3D shoots and grounds keeping. I do a lot of the mowing and am on the board- currently the president so 8 hours is done about every 2 weeks on average. The extra hours go into a drawing to hunt the club property.
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    I have a nice range In Sparta WI I can use at no charge and I can get up to 60 yards at home and up to a half mile when the corn is picked. I also have land up north that I have a 80 yard range, but found that I have to remove teh expensive 3-D targes by October :^O :^O
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    thanks for the input everyone!
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    I don’t pay range fees per se … My annual club membership is $60 … 1 NFAA Field Range (14 targets), two 3D ranges (28 targets), plus practice range.

    If I shoot at the local dealer or other Indoor setups, its about $3 for target and unlimited range time.

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    $35 a year at the outdoor range… 28 field and practice range to 90 meters.. $150 a year indoor… 10 am till 7pm Mon-Saturday..

    20 yrd range in the back yard… open anytime it ain’t raining or the wind blowing too hard..

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    $3 – 5 per hr at the local shops – 20 yard indoor ranges. $5 per each on the 3D ranges – one arrow per target.

    My ‘free’ ndoor range is 10 yards (heated and air-conditioned) open 24/7.
    The ‘free’ outdoor range is blank bale to 60 + yards (working on extending to 70). It’s open any time you can put up with the heat/bugs/cold/wind and or snow. :D

    Jan through early March can be trying at times :D

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