Proper angle to fletch Blazer 2" vanes for hunting?

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    Just wondering what is the proper angle to fletch blazer vanes at for hunting with fixed blade broadheads like the Montec and Muzzy Phantom.

    I’ve seen online shops mention various ways.

    Please post any useful information you have regarding these as well.

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    :D Just as long as they are not straight…avoid straight fletch with broadheads


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    check out this thread as well: … ht=blazers

    Opinions vary, but the helical may provide some edge – mental or actual, at distance with broadheads over a 1.5 degree offset. I have had good success with both but I go with the helical just in case.

    You lose some speed at distance with helical due to drag – for my setup and within my shooting ability, shooting helical against 1.5 degree offset at 40 and 50 yards, all else being equal, I see no percievable impact difference. [=}=]

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    I fletch everything RH heilical and set the off set as far as possible so as to get good contact with the shaft. The off-set changes with different size shafts, so it can not be a standard.
    I put the vane or feather in the clamp on my Bitz, and without any glue, I adjust front and back and hold up to the light so as to check for good contact at the base. I bought my Bitze jig’s over 40 years ago and back then they cost just under $20 each and got both styel clamps with them. I see the cost a bit more today, but the old guys still work good. :thumbup
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    2″ Blazers using the JoJan with a hard R helical and wrap. :thumbup
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