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    hey everyone   been a long  time sisne I posted  but I have a question,  I got my girlfriend into archery but she hates hights  so I need some blind info.  I own dark horse and a matrix and need a fewmore blinds, any info on the  vision?? I love predator camo , [really wish  the higher end primos blinds had it]  but ive never seen this blind in person. any info would be a great help
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    Thats the one i have… Had it for about 4 years now and still in great shape. I like the magnetic window covers. I’ve never used one of the expensive ones but this seems to do what it should

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    I have the Vision as well. It is very roomy, and I love the I have the ability to see 360 degrees if I want to, this I usually try and brush it in a bit so mostly am looking out the sides and front. I also like the magnetic window closures and it has shoot through mesh window covers that slide horizontally on a cord. It was taller than than some of the other blinds I found in th same price range, which is why went with the Vision.

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    I’m sure its very nice. I have the primos “the club xxl” and it is plenty big for 2 people. Even enough room for me at 6ft 3in to stand and draw my Creed. You would like it I’m sure…

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