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    = ‘ n n n ­ but Platon said: if the love, please deep love; ­ if leave, please complete.­ is not ambiguous,???????????, hurt every one.Plato said: ­ ­ the life is most regrettable, not too, ­ easily give up should not give up, ­ stubborn insistence should not persist.
    ­ the Platon said: ­ ­ since love, why not say it, some things lost, ­ ­ never come back again.­ the Platon said: ­ some are doomed to lose, ­ some fate is never have the result.
    ­ love a person would not have, ­ if have a person must love her.­ ­, Platon said: our life has too many helpless, ­ we can not change, but also unable to change, ­ ­ ­ even worse, we lost the idea of change.
    Plato said: ­ ­ more than life, lonely.­ lonely lonely life love, ­ love is forever theme.­ I and my shadow alone, ­ it says it has quietly to say, ­ it says it misses you.­ originally, I and my shadow all miss you.
    ­ ­, Platon said: time will slowly precipitate, ­ some people will be in your heart gradually blurred, ­ learn to let go, your happiness needs your help.­ the Platon said: ­ the life short several dozens years, ­ you don’t leave any regret.
    ­ laugh, cry cry, ­ when the love to love, ­ oppress yourself.­ there are two tragedies in life: ­ one is desire is not satisfied, the ­ two it is to meet the.As Platon said: ­ ­ together is the fate, ­ has been happy.
    ­ ­, Platon said: I thought that the bird flies the sea, ­ because the birds do not fly over the sea.Ten years later I found, ­ is not the bird flies the sea, ­ but the sea of that one, ­ had no wait.
    …..­ ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– reproduced to
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