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    This provides you an excellent opportunity to learn / practice even more as you guide your wife though the process. I still gain useful tips and experience every day dealing with the public as a police officer and working my off-duty jobs in security and at a major local gun store.

    Your post has solicited some great info already and I feel certain that some major difference in opinions may arise as well. We all mean well enough but effective manufacturers marketing campaigns for their equipment often influences advice given by many but are seldom based on more than what the advertisement said or conjures the consumer to believe.

    “Buy this ______ and fear no evil”
    “Experts agree that ______ products / ammunition are best for your MONEY”
    “_____ = Perfection”
    You get the point…..

    Proper Mind-Set / Situational Awareness and how these things alone can PREVENT most[/i:3hnxfk2l] encounters as well as honest discussions of what can happen if the attack does take place must[/i:3hnxfk2l] be part of a proper training program…..this isn’t a one-time class followed by a couple of shooting sessions, you must[/i:3hnxfk2l] follow through and train continually as the skills are perishable.

    Make your training as reality based as possible and use the simplest equipment you both feel meets the needs because when attacked…everything gets complicated!
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    Best wishes and God Bless

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    Still near impossible to find but my wife loves her 9mm S&W Shield [=}=]

    I’m looking for one myself.How do you like it mark? :D[/quote:fvswvh41]

    Same here…except in .40.

    All We Do Is SELFILMED
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    Still near impossible to find but my wife loves her 9mm S&W Shield [=}=]

    I’m looking for one myself.How do you like it mark? :D[/quote:3o00ef1m]

    Nice little gun. Carries, points, and shoots easy and functions flawlessly so far. [=}=]

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)