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    Dont know if any of you caught this show or even try and watch him.  I happen to see it just now and noticed some things that found odd.
    They are in Alabama hunting hogs and deer.  It appears to be early just looking at the foliage on the trees and how dry the food plots look.  Anywho, one of the Pigman hunters takes a doe at over 70yds.  Whatever.  Clean kill so I dont have much to say or even be critical about.  Well, Pigman says something to the effect (paraphrasing here) that hes not to blame for the small size of Alabama deer.  Well, partner, maybe you need to stick to what you know and it seems that its not deer, especially Alabama deer.  Yes, our fawns tend to weigh in the 47lb range.  Thats what yall shot.
    Later in the hunt ol Pigman sticks one that even he says “appears to be the twin of the deer shot earlier”.  I guess it could be, but the deer on my HD TV set clearly shows spots on the rear flank of the deer Pigman shot.  I even paused the shot and asked Lil KTM if he saw something that I did, and he said, “yeah Dad, there are a lot of fawns still with spots.”  Unless he is in a high fence, in Alabama that is an illegal deer.
    Surely his editing equipment is clearer than my Vizio.  Killing it is bad enough but showing it takes it to a new level.
    Now, I dont follow the guy I have only seen maybe a half dozen of his shows and up until now I have found them entertaining.    I dont have an axe to grind, just thought Id let you guys know and see if any of you saw the same thing.
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    I’ve never watched the show, but from your description, this guy sounds like a dummy! I had nearly the same scenario first day of the season last year. A doe and her two fawns come by me about 8:30 in the morning. By then the sun is up enough that I can see pretty well. The two fawns are small! And they still have fawn spots low on their rear flank. Very faint, but I could still see them. They were in front, then I got a look at “Mom”. She wasn’t much bigger than her fawns! I figure she must have been a late drop the year before, thus a late breeding and fawn drop, thus fawns still with spots in late September. By then I didn’t want any of them. I figured those little ‘uns needed a bit more instruction from Mama. If your willing to fling a stick at anything that walks, then you better be satisfied with whatever you get!
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