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    To tell the truth i hunt with my bow, muzzleloader, and rifle. [=}=]

    :agree :agree[/quote:gla7do0j]

    :thumbup same here! Love using the ole smokepole every now and then!

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    Bow only for me.
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    I hunt with my gun during rifle season – but really only because here in Nebraska, we can’t use bows during rifle season. ](*,) We can, however, use black powder during rifle season and that’s what I may do this year. :thumbup
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    the rifle just doesn’t mean the same to me anymore. bowhunt throughout rifle season, only use rifle if going into new spot for a little still hunt, untill i get a treestand in.
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    Blood Bath2006

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    Bow, rifle, muzzle loader, slug gun, and shotgun :thumbup :thumbup . I use every available minute, but I mostly shoot the stick and string :thumbup
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    I prefer bow only. But sometimes there are just too many mouths to feed.
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    my first year last year was bow only you could say, i went two days of with my shotgun and got the bow back out. this year with all the money im spending on a new bow and acc. shotgun season is pretty much an afterthought already. but i dont seem to mind, im all alone on private land and i believe bowhunting harnesses more of your hunting skills as well asmaking all of your senses that much more keen. you have to be on your toes when you hunt with a gun but you have to be on point on your A game when bowhunting simply because of the distance of the shot. all of us prefer a 20-30yd max shot on a broadside deer and you gotta be pretty sharp, here the deer are so skittish from all the hunting pressure, one move your dead.

    when im bowhunting i kinda feel like a sniper laying in wait till the target presents the perfect shot but yet you cannot move for fear of blowing your stealth mode. maybe i just get that into it :-B #-o :D :D

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    I take my bow …or my bow and cam …or cam…..whats a riffel :^O
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    I hunt with a bow or not at all.

    I do use my Browning Citori for sporting clays occasionally, because I lose too many arrows trying to hit them with my bow….. [=}=]

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    In my old age ( :whistle ) I’ve come to appreciate bow hunting over shotgun season (no rifles in Illinois). But I still go out with the trusty 870 when firearm season opens.


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    I shot an Elk with a 270 a long long long time ago. I have only bowhunted for the last ten years. I have to say with a bow is about it for me :thumbup I have killed pigs and a Blacktail buck so far with my bow. This year hopefully a big Bull Elk :thumbup (to start with) :D
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    I prefer hunting with my bow.Several reasons.

    A) it’s warmer during archery season.
    B) you have the woods pretty much all to yourself.
    C)the seasons here for bow are 5 months long.
    D)Not to take anything away from hunting with a gun,but to me getting a deer to come within 20 yards or so is a rush that can’t be beatWhen you shoot a deer from 100 yards away…well it just dosen’t do it for me.[/quote:tx7hibyi]

    :agree :cap5

    Our season here in Oklahoma is 3 1/2 months cant beat it…You get to hunt before all the deer are spooked up and theres no pressure on them.

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    Gunfire brings back a lot of bad memories. I prefer the silence of bowhunting.
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    I am a bow hunter.
    I do go out 1 weekend a year with my Browning BPS slug gun
    but other than that it is my trusty bow :thumbup
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    either bow, trap (with rope), blow pipe, gun…that is my hunting methods I use. But bowhunting is my 1st choice 8D .Hunting season, 12 months a year [=}=] depends on what you hunt.

    BTW, it’s different part of the world :D

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