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    as of now, today i’d have to say the original remington copper solid…

    BUT i am going to test the hornady sst. i’ve had tremendous success with that bullet out of my tc omega. plus they are a few bucks cheaper than the remingtons.

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    I really like the copper solids [=}=]
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    Jeff K in IL

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    Lightfield! [=}=]
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    Winchester Partition Gold :X :X :X
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    Double Drops

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    As far as patterning goes, a Winchester Partition has outpatterned the others that I’ve shot. They’ve patterned well in every slug gun that I’ve shot them through.
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    My H&R Ultra Slug gun has been pretty accurate with the Remington Copper Solid Sabot Slug. Deadly at 50yds and pretty darn good at 100 – 150yds.
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    Federal sabots shoot best from my slug gun.


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    20 ga. remington core-lokt ultra 260 gr. 1900 fps :thumbup :thumbup
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    Federal sabots shoot best from my slug gun.



    I’m a big fan of Barnes Bullets out of my shotgun and smokepole.

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    Winchester Partition Gold :X :X :X


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    The Hornady SST are the only slug I’ll buy… :thumbup
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    Lightfield in the pipe, with a bunch of Brenkes to lob cheap lead.


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    Indeed :thumbup :thumbup :X :X :X

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    Federal Barnes expander 3/4 oz.
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    Remington Sluggers shoot decent from my old Win 1400 12 ga. & they are cheap! Too bad they changed the copper solids, the old ones shot great out of the gun using a screw-in rifled choke tube – but the new ones hit sideways at 100 yds 50% of the time. #-o

    In my son’s 20 ga. the Federal Barnes 3/4 oz. copper slugs shoot great. However, these have now been replaced by 5/8 oz. ones – and of course those don’t shoot nearly as well either. #-o Luckily I just found a small hunting store going out of business that had the 3/4 oz. ones still – and bought every box they had! :thumbup Now have enough to last another 10 years. :D

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