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    Just made this up for lunch. Not too different from how a lot of us do fish or sometimes chicken.

    Split breast and remove bones, making two fillets or perhaps four if the tenderloin comes out on it’s own.

    Remove the white tough sinew from the pieces with the back of your knife.

    Rinse fillets, pat them dry, dip in flour.

    Make egg wash with one egg and an eighth cup of milk or less, beaten.

    Dip floured fillets into the egg wash and bread them with the crackers.

    Lay them into 350 degree skillet with a quarter inch of the oil of your choice, I used bacon fat.

    I seasoned in the pan with a dash each of Cavender’s Greek seasoning with no salt and a little garlic salt because I was out of garlic powder.

    Turn when browned, check the softness of the fillet with a fork to see that they are cooked through.

    Went great with white and wild rice and green beans.

    One bird went surprisingly far, fed myself and my oldest and middle sons.


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    now I could go for some of that :thumbup
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    :D #-o You know the rules…no pics ….really?….

    :p Does sound awesome.. :thumbup

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    :... why no pic
    I am a hard core backwoodsman and pround of it, JACK!
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    I’ve done duck breasts similar and they turned out very good! I’ll be sure to try that with goose next year.
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