OT2 Spine Selection Question

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    For all of you that have had time on OT2 I have a question.  I have been considering bumping up to 125 gr broadheads.  I would be using Slick Trick Mags as I have a bunch of extra blades and they have done well for me on the Whitetail I hunt here in WI.

    I am shooting 350 spine arrows
    With the hunting filter on, according to OT2 with 100 grain heads with the 34.8 grains I have with my insert setup, I am at 14.17% FOC.  TAW of 382.25, Gr/Lb at 5.97, and a dynamic spine of .342.

    If I bump up to a 125gr head it changes my specs to 16.24% FOC, TAW of 407.25, Gr/Lb at 6.36, and a dynamic spine of .331.  This is still within the .025 sensitivity filter and within the “Good” range.  Shooting them out to 60 yards they still group with my field points.

    The 125’s obviously border on weak but seem to work.  Curious if you have any of you have thoughts if one would be better for any reason than the other.  Would the 125’s be any cause of concern.


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    I’m kinda in the same situation. I use to shoot 100 grain heads, but recently switched to 125’s to up my FOC. It’s also helping my dynamic spine. I think the two things I’ve noticed the most is 1. How quiet my bow got shooting a little heavier arrow. 2. How hard my arrows hit. The sound has definitely gotten deeper and they seem to hit with more authority.

    I know this hasn’t helped your question, but I’m interested in what others have to say about this as well. Remember, it doesn’t matter how fast your arrow is going if you can’t hit the kill zone.

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    This is not a response with a great deal of authority, but the fact that your broadheads are hitting with your target points tells me that you should be good to go.  If you were having tuning problems, paper tears, sloppy arrow flight, that would certainly be one variable to look at, but it sounds like you’re right where you want to be.  We’ll see what the pro’s say.  Good luck!
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    OT2 is just a reference to get you started. Too me NOTHING substitutes actual shooting of the arrow. As mentioned above, since your FP and BH’s are hitting together, I would say you are good to go, especially if both are going where you are aiming. Personally, I would stay with the 125 heads.
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    Heavier weight on the front of the arrow generally will always increase foc. I believe lighter nocks also increases some? I have heard that a higher foc is better for hunting, but i think as long as the arrow itself is spined right and tunes with the bow correctly, you should be fine on foc so long as it is 12ish or higher. When i used ot2 recently for my chill, i ran the spine a bit more on the stiff side. Better to be stiff than weak. The biggest thing is to make sure you factor everything with ot2 to be accurate- draw length, weight, hunting vs target, weight on line, loop or not, arrow length, weights on arrow including wraps/nocks/fletching/ glue/ inserts.

    Also, if your not wanting to use a heavier broadhead, but want the increased foc- considered weighted inserts (depending on the availablity with the arrow you select). I used to do 125 head’s with a 50 grain insert, but ive realized that the 125 grain market isnt as vast as the 100 grain market, so i switch to 75 grain inserts and now run a 100 grain broad head. Some 125 heads are “heavier duty” in some cases though. I love heavier arrows/ more weight up front. This setup blows through targets and deer!

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    Thanks for the insight.  I’m going to keep playing and see what gets me the most consistent, best groups.
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