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    Ok, many will remember last week’s story of me shooting a doe and tacking a bloodless trail for several hours through the bush before finding her, and the processor calling me to say she had spoiled. well, this week’s story has a happier ending. I shot another doe, but this time I saw the direction she ran. It was minutes before dark, and my only light was from an iphone 4s. The hit was better, but still traversed from ribcage to exit just in front of the opposite rear leg. Like last time, the arrow was stuck in the ground on the other side of her. The same 3 blade Rage found one lung dead center and sliced the other toward the rear. I will have to be honest and say that there was at least a miniscule blood trail this time, but that is about it. I swear I have lost nearly the same amount of blood when I cut myself shaving. I just am not convinced that the Rage heads are for me. Planning to try Slick Trick Magnum or the G5 Montec next time. Good news is that I found her in 20 minutes or so and had her to the processor within an hour and a half. Yay!
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    WTG!!   Every now and then something goes right.  Congrats.
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