OK Creed or Helim???

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    I. Would choose the helium over the creed ……don’t like the split limbs!!!!!
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    I also purchased helim just 8 days ago. I love it, but know what you mean with the new 2013 remorse. For what its worth Im trying to remain thankful to hold the bow I do. My upgrade was from a ten year old Parker BuckHunter. It drew like a mule and went off like a grenade. Go hold your helim, smile, shoot a nice group, and forget the creed.

    :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

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    I went with the HeliM… I don’t like split limbs… And I think the heliM was an overall better bow. But that’s just me. :thumbup [=}=]
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    Both nice bows….but I went with the zxt this year and will probably hold tight to it for a few seasons!!
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    i got the helim about 6 months ago killed a nice 10 with and i love it. on the other hand i have a 08 DXT i was going to sell but everytime i think about it i just cant do it. i love that DXT. i like it more then the helim for hunting. i dont need to bows lol but i think the to i have are part of the family.
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    3-D Junkie

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    I bought a HeliM a on thursday, because my Creed wont be here until the 22nd, and I need a bow to shoot until then. I have to say it was pretty nice. I shot a 3-D course and was impressed immediately.
    First was the chrono. I have a 28.5″ draw cam on it set at 59.6lbs. With a 309 gn Black Eagle Challenger 400 i got 305fps. Obviously thats not legal so I shot a 349gn Challenger 350 and that put me right at 297fps through the chrono. I was a bit concerned at the bags about the short ATA but I had a yardage tape on it in about 20 shots.
    Shooting the course went surprisingly well since I never shot the bow before this morning. I shot 1 down in open, and I was very happy with that since it usually takes about 3 weeks to a month before I really get comfortable with a bow. I really like this bow and when the Creed comes in it will ride the bench until hunting season rolls around again, but the HeliM is a fantastic bow.
    Just my .02 thought I would share.
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    Boy Wonder

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    I am fairly new to bow hunting/shooting I just started this past summer purchased a Mission Riot started at 40 lbs I am up to 60lbs now. :D When I got really comfortable pulling 60lbs I tested pulled a Mathews Helim and fell in love. :X It pulled really smooth and I can actually pull it easier than my 60lb Riot. The dealer said it was all about the Single Cam Technology. Well I finally bought one around Thanksgiving and he set it up for me I just bought a Trophy Ridge Judge Sight with the Smart Pin Technology. He set the 10/20 yard pin and got me pretty close. When I got back home I tried to set it for the 30yd pin I got close but never felt really comfortable so I just put it back in the case and hunted with my Long Bow (30.06) I pulled it back out today and made a few adjustments on the 20yd pin windage my groups were getting tighter I am shooting Easton 340gr Axis N-Fused Carbon arrows Adjusted for the 30yd after 3 shots I was hitting 1/4″ -1/2″ groups and now the bow is set-up to go hunting I can actually hit my Spyder Target consistently at 60yds with in 3″ groups. Can’t hardly wait for Sept to roll aroun again. I never shot the Creed and don’t plan to my Helim and Riot are working great. I’ve learned this over my lifetime: When you get a good woman you don’t go window shopping for another because you will always find flaws with the one you already have bows are are the same way the bows in question cost $800 – $1000. Save your money and replace that old pair of hunting boots instead, it will make that walk to to hunting area more enjoyable next fall.
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    HeliM is a great bow. Light so you can add weight where you need it. Smooth, fast and quiet. Very accurate if you take the time to tune and practice. I dont like the look of the bulky split limb bows with huge limb pockets and wheels/cams. The Creed looks more like a PSE than a Mathews. In the end you need to shoot both side by side a few times before plopping down a $1000.

    Good Luck!

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    I went to the shop to buy a Creed or Chill shot them both and couldn’t decide until I shot Heli-m…I took home a sweet shooting Heli-m and didn’t look back.
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    Well put me in the Helium camp. It might be that the Helium is like the Outback was for me and it might take a while before something dethrones it.
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    Joined: 10/31/2012
    I’m tactical Creed Bound! :thumbup
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    Personally, I wouldn’t want to own a bow called “Creed”. I know it’s ridiculous to base it on that alone, but WTH is up with that name??

    I like the name. A creed is a statement of belief—usually a statement of faith that describes the beliefs shared by a religious community—and is often recited as part of a religious service[/quote:1rlwg98g]
    I agree, I like the name. :thumbup[/quote:1rlwg98g]

    I like the name!

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    I should have added, I am a micro tuning super freak. I have got the Helim to tune to unprecedented levels. How about shooting the nock off a fetched arrow with a bare shaft at 35 yards (and on video). What more could I possibly expect from a new bow?? Smooth, speed is great but performance is really the ultimate goal.
    I shot a doe a few weeks back and the Helim was so quiet she didnt even know she was shot. Trotted off 20yards and fell over dead.

    I have learned with bows, sometimes newer is not better, just newer.



    Is there a video on how to adjust your rest based on bare shaft tuning?

    January 18, 2013 at 5:52 pm #539818 Back to Top REPORT


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    I went between the 2 and I ended up with the Creed. Simply because I liked the look better. Both shot great! If I had the Heli-m I would probably not upgrade.
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