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    I took my son to Ohio for the Jr gun season on Saturday. My buddy, Bill Pyles, put us in a great spot on an oak flat. The first deer came through at 7:30. It was a great 2.5 year old 8 point. My son froze in the stand as we waited for the buck to give him a shot. The buck stopped every few yards chomping on acorns. He never knew we were there as we were covered in Essence of Fall cover scent. The buck finally was 70 yards away feeding broad side but still the buck provided no shot. Two does came up the opposite direction and the 8 point stepped out from behind the trees. Sam could now see clearly the front shoulder and his heart. He steadied the 20 gauge and slowly pulled the trigger. The deer kicked and ran towards us. It stopped 40 yards away and fell over dead. Sam had made a great heart shot and the deer was dead on his feet. We hugged, screamed, cheered and cried. This is his first big buck and he could not believe it. I am so proud of him and how he kept his composure. Here is a great pic of his buck. The picture shows the entrance shot.
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    Good job dad, and great shot Jr [=}=]
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    Awesome story and buck, congrats. to you and your son. No other feeling like being with your kids when they shoot deer. Very proud moment for sure :thumbup
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    congrats to both of you! :thumbup :thumbup
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    Good job dad, and great shot Jr [=}=]

    :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup Well said what a great shot! =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <img src=

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    Tell him congrats, thats a great buck!
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    =D/>” title=”Applause” /> congrats</div>
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    Congratulations awesome buck and story for the little man and yourself!
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    How cool is that! Looks like the little dude put quite a hurtin’ on the big dude! Congrats to you both! And your friend! :thumbup
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