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    I can’t say I ever had any of the slowness issues on my windows PC, droid smartphone or Ipad.  The fact that some posts are virtually invisible even before they are locked and you have to hover over the text to read the posts is a little annoying.

    But I tell you if I have to log in ever time now just to read the posts that will be the end of me coming here.   Hopefully this is just a glitch that will be fixed soon…..

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    I don’t have that problem with my droid smartphone when I’m not logged in.
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    Same for me at lunchtime today. Couldnt even read a topic without signing in. I wasnt even trying to reply it create a new topic…just trying to read one someone else posted. This forum is already turned into a ghost town sheeesh
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    bootheel boy

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    Same for me the last two days.  This having to log in to view threads will stop all visitor traffic.  That will keep any new members from joining.   On a side note.   Is everyone else having auto correct spell trouble.  Every time I start typing it spits out all kinds if weird words.   I wish it was turned off.
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    I have the same issue.  Having to log in just to read posts will put the coup de grace to this place.

    I can’t use the ‘Quote’ function either.

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone, but this forum sucks for being an ‘upgrade’.

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    It make me log in every time an I I went from being able to see pics to now they show up as a ? An I can’t see them no matter what I do
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    Forum Support

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    Thread Users,

    We have looked into this issue and found a resolution.  You should now be able to view topics/replies as normal without having to login (as is the preferred method Mathews wishesto use when viewing the Forum).  Thanks for communicating on this issue and we apologize for inconvenience while we remedied the unforeseen situation.

    Here to help,

    Mathews Forum Support

    August 13, 2013 at 12:25 pm #589304 Back to Top REPORT

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    Thank you. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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