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    As I write this I can see my ‘target’ calmly scratching and feeding 112 yards away from my back porch (rangefinders are great tools!)

    Was a little late getting moving this morning and just before letting the dogs out, I saw a tree stump behind the multiflora 20 yards from the porch (there’s no stump in that spot!).

    The tree stump fanned a tail and started strutting. Estimated distance – 30 yards.
    Changed into camo (was wearing all black for the blind). Bird was still there only moving downhill: grabbed the scatter gun (still recovering from shoulder surgery so no bow – not up to legal poundage yet) and pussyfooted through the yard and edged around the multiflora for a shot. I was proud of myself for being so extremely quiet.  I crept to the edge of the bush and peered around, gun ready – NO BIRD!

    Decided to have some yogurt and wait a little before heading down to the blind. Scanned the area for the Tom before walking down to the blind (85 yards from my porch). Set out the deks and spent the morning calling, reading my bible, and listening to Paul Simon, and the Rolling Stones on my iPod. Was a rockin morning but Mr. Tom wouldn’t come back before noon quittin time.

    Packed it up and came up the hill. Looked down the hill at 2:30pm and there’s Mr Tom, just 35 yards from my blind.

    Other than not getting 0ut early enough, what am I doing wrong {#emotions_dlg.mathews_doah}???

    Should I not have tried the ‘stalk’? Can’t figure out how he busted me. Thinking I should have waited for him to move on and then tried to call him back in. ???

    Maybe Tuesday will be a better turkey day LOL. Next three mornings are booked.

    Hope he survives a few more days {#emotions_dlg.mathews_smile} Want another chance.

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    {#emotions_dlg.typotux (28)}Patience kills turkeys an d keep on playing the game. Good luck!
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