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    I have a HeliM (70/28).  I put KTech KSB1 string stop on it and it developed a rattle.  I am 99% sure it is from the roller guard.  It must just make the right frequency to get this clicky rattle.  If I take out the Harmonic Stabilizer or lower the poundage the noise goes away.  I put the bow in the press and checked the set screw holding the rod in and it is tight.  Anyone familiar with this issue.  I searched here but did look too long.  My dealer is 45 miles away.  Any help is appreciated.
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    I have not heard or experienced anything like what you describe.

    It sounds like the string stop isn’t set correctly, since when you lower DW the BH increases … ergo, noise goes away. Try backing off the SS so that it barely contacts the string or about a sheet of paper thickness of a gap. For what it is worth, if you change where the SS contacts the string from the OEM position, you also change the harmonics of the string oscillation…that could be good or bad, depending on what else is on the string.

    Not sure which HS you are referring to, the one on the lower riser or if you have one in the older model KSB1 SS with HS? At any rate, it isn’t intuitive why removing a dampening device would improve the noise dampening.

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    I have the string stop barely touching the string.  The HS I am referring to is the one in the KTech string stop. I will try the HS Lite and see if the rattle goes away.  If I take the rod (w/ stopper) off, noise goes away.   I don’t have the bow here.  But I think the KTech stop touches the string 1/4 – 1/2″ higher than OEM.  I have d-loop, 1 monkey tail and peep on the string.  Got me baffled.  Funny thing is I have 3 HeliMs and the other 2 don’t rattle.  I may have to remove the string/cable and take the entire roller guard off and check it out.  I just didn’t want to do that since is is shooting so well.  Thank you.
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    Is the string served up far enough for ksb1 as set up?
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    Yes. the string (Mathews) is server up just far enough. I took off the sight, quiver mount and  stab and it still rattles.  I talked to my shop.  I think it is the roller’s bearings.  I will take rollers out and check them.  I am thinking of swapping the entire roller guard from on of my other HeilM’s to see.  Now that I think of it, that make be the simplest and best way. I don’t have much time now, summers are a busy time at work.  Thanks guys.  I’ll let you know.
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    humm when i got my ktech string stopper as i put card next to my string, my helim has no noise issue its so quiet !
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