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    My Helim will not stay that in tune. I get my arrow all squared up then paper tune and everything is great. I go to the range and take 50-100 shots and the fletching starts to hit my rest. So I check it over and the d-loop is low.  This has happened 3 times now, the serving is not separated, the dloop is tight and peep has not twisted. Is my string stretching or can the whole center serving move? This is a winners choice string that’s about a year old. I did put a bunch twists in it to get timing and ATA back in spec. a month or so ago. Any ideas would be great. Thanks
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    Please include a pic of how you have your d-loop tied.
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    I had the same problem but my loop kept moving up. I ended up changing my loop to a different material (winners choice) and have not had the issue since.
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    It sound like you loop is moving.  Use a sharpie or white out to mark it.  Or measure the distance to your peep and see if that changes.  Or measure from the cam stop to the loop.  Once I get my bow all set I mark and record everything, rest/sight/loop/peep. In the old days I marked the cam at the limb to verify timing.  It is possible the entire serving is moving but very unlikely.  But things happen.  Measuring everything should determine your issue.
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    It might be in your arrow rest, if it is not in your peep moving, or nock set moving. I’ve had arrow rest issues in the past move ever so little bit and throw off everything. Just something to look at and hope it helps.
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    The peep and rest definitely aren’t moving. I’m going to mark/measure and try again. It gets so bad the fletching started to hit the rest Thanks Guys

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    That loop material, although easy to hook into because it is fairly rigid, doesn’t allow a good bite into the  serving. If you want to continue using it, I would suggest to tie in nock sets inside the loop to avoid the moving or collapsing of the loop.
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