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    Just thought I would share some pics of my new  Torqueless grip on my Heli m!  Color is #30 Tumbleweed.
    DSCN1258 DSCN1257 DSCN1259 DSCN1260
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    Very nice. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up} I just installed a Torqueless grip on my black DXT (Applewood). They are nice, but I must say I do like the Mathews wood grip on the Heli-m (which I’ve just ordered).
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    Nice Very Nice
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    That’s a real eye catcher pattern on that bow. I have had several Torque less grips and have one on my switchback and one on my Z7 Mag. They do improve my consistency on those two bows over the Mathews grips. I have not tried the new wood grip design from Mathews and I’m interested in how it sets in my hand on my next bow.
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    Looks good!
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    Looks great!
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    Looks great! I have them on all of my bows, looks great and love the way they feel.
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