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    Hello all, I am from Delaware, I am shooting a ZXT now, I got it to replace a Z7 X that was stolen in November out of my truck. Really sucked ,I think out of all the bows Ive had that Z7 was my favorite !!! Getting used to the ZXT now, like it but it’s not the Z7X .
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    Welcome to the forum.

    What don’t you like about the ZXT compared to the Z7 Xtreme? Just curious because I have a Z7X but have never shot the ZXT.

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    Not sure. its not grouping like I’m used to . Maybe me and Im using a kisser for the first time. Gonna shoot it a lil more!!
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    Should group the same. First time I brought my ZXT home and sighted it in first 5 arrows were all touching at 25 yards. I have went through arrows like crazy robin hooding them. Make sure your not torquing the bow.
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    Im concentrating on my pins a lil to much. I am using a .019 pin . I lost about 50% of sight in my left eye, and my right is haloing the pins a lil. its prolly me. Might have to shoot with glasses. i also have a kisser like I said and I’m getting used to that. Need to keep an eye on my bubble and make sure my mechanics are right.
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    Deere Farmer

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    OK so you have changed bow, setup and are NOW using a kisser.
    So how did you anchor before, string to tip of nose, hand placement or ?
    first of all you changed at least three things. You do need to make sure its set up FOR YOU, not to your dl but for you. TOO FIT you.
    Put on a button up shirt, make sure its buttons are aligned with your zipper (most people cant get a pair of pants on but look sideways in button up shirt) then post up some pics of you at full draw with arrow in place. Make sure it show from head to feet as if person shooting pic is on firing line with you. THEN ask about form issues.
    Im gonna bet wither the bow is tic too long or short, the kisser is trashing your natural anchor you learned with and or its not quite set some other way.
    fix form, dl, anchor and THEN see if the bow shoots as well or as bad. THEN you can evaluate other issues like grip, stance, anchor point, etc.
    And welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome aboard!
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