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    Hi everyone, I am new to archery, and of course bow hunting, I bought a new Mathewes Helim and I’ve been reading bowhunting magazine and practicing like crazy and I’m loving every second! I wish I would have gotten started a lot sooner and I’m getting deployed in the first of may. When I get back I want to plan a bear hunt and a safari hunt. If anyone has any tips or advice please let me know. I’m new to hunting with a bow and can’t wait to get started!
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    Practice and knowing your quarry are key. You have to get a lot closer bowhunting than gun hunting, that’s the fun part. Make practice fun. I shoot a lot of 3D, shooting dense foam replicas of game animals at various ranges outdoors. The shots are set up to imitate what you would find while hunting. Throw in a few buddies a grill some burgers and soft drinks and you have a fun afternoon shooting!
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    Thank you guys and I will make sure to learn all I can and make shooting fun and challenging! I know I will not have a problem enjoying shooting my bow and getting close to my quarry. Thanks again
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    Welcome to forum!

    Allot of good information on here to learn from!

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    Thank you rsutton.
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    :welcome to the forum :thumbup
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    Welcome! Know your equipment as in become one with it really. Also, know your effective range and wait for the animal to get into that range. Control your nerves when it comes time for the shot and above all, just have fun! Enjoy! :thumbup
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    In today’s world of media there is a ton of stuff to read, watch and listen to, but there’s nothing like getting out there and learning from your experiences. The prime consideration is playing the wind, but get to know the deer’s patterns in the area that you hunt. Where they bed down, what & where they eat and water, how they get from one area to the other and the time of day (or night) that this occurs. You’ll make plenty of mistakes, but they’ll all be for the good. Enjoy your journey and good luck!
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    As stated there is a lot of info out there, but don’t think your hunts are going to like the ones you see on TV. There is a ton of stuff to learn……..getting some prime property is at the top of the list……..deciding what type of stand you are going to use (if you are using one). Learning what to do after the shot is imperative….Try and get hooked up with some experienced guy’s that you get along with….. the list goes on and on.
    Coming here was a great first step :thumbup
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    Thank you everyone for your warm welcome! I can not wait to go and start hunting when the season opens again. I look forward to sharing many hunting adventures and stories with all of you
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    The one thing I would recommed, aquire or develop a shooting routine for crunch time when a deer is approaching. Sometimes or often when that first deer ever, first deer of the season or big buck approaches all that practice and prep flies out the window because of what they call….BUCK FEAVER. This is when your heart starts to beat and you loose all mental capabilities and you just rush your shot and blow it because your not used to fealing what you are fealing.

    A pre shot routine keeps you focused and it has helped me over the years in these big situations when they come and they come out of know where usually. I talk myself through a routine which goes somewhat like….; Ok…squeez off release don’t peak and pick a spot. I find talking to myself and saying this everytime a deer comes in keeps me focused and keeps the negative thoughts out of my head. Just like every sport if you develope a routine it keeps your chances of becoming consistant greater.

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    Welcome fro VA.
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