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    Sorry, I feel the need to vent a bit here!!! Don’t know if anyone has experienced this, but purchased new 2013 MR6  couple weeks ago and after several hrs of tuning, sighting-in etc. (maybe 200-300 shots) noticed both cam servings starting to unravel where cable does 90 degree turn on cam (both top and bottom). Also started to hear click on top cam at full draw and noticed more grease than usual protruding from busching- probably faulty bushing?? Never had issues like this with Mathews before (10 yrs). Brought bow back to bow shop and dealer stated they’d order new cables and top cam (under warranty) and replace within 10 days or so. I expressed my displeasure and didn’t think it was unreasonable to request new bow (as it was literally 2 or 3 wks old) , however, they stated Mathews never replaces bow under these circumstances, etc. Hope they’re able to get it back to factory specs, and I’m not looking forward to starting all over again a couple weeks before the hunting season!!
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    If they did give you a brand new bow— wouldn’t you still be having to start all over?

    I don’t know what the issue is — had a limb problem with my MR-6 — was causing the top cam to twist during draw cycle When the bow was brand new.  Mathews fixed under warranty with no questions or hesitation.

    Result — the bow is a shooter — good enough to bring home two state championships.

    You may be taking a little extra time, but you will be glad you did in the end.

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    Thats why I ended up selling off my heli m ,grip paint wore off in less than a week,the bow looked like it was as old as my switchback xt .They wouldn’t do anything to help me,said it was nornmal wear and tear,then it was bug spray.Excuses is all i got,nobody used any bug spray,i’m allergic to bug sprays for one ,and never used any.the bow was 15 days old and looked like it was 6 years old.All done
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