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    I just picked up a Z7 Magnum off of Ebay and have now joined the Mathews club.  I am pretty pumped about the bow, it’s essentially new.  The seller says it’s never been shot and the bag is still zip tied to the riser.  This is the bow I was looking for.  I have been shooting a PSE Bow Madness XL for 3 years.  It almost blew up in my face last summer;  cracked limbs, broken cam, etc…. The draw stop module stripped and slipped in one pull; I hit the trigger by sheer dumbness and it shot and did all that damage.  My estimate was a 35 inch draw for that one shot.  PSE replaced everything for nothing so no complaints about the company.  And the bow shot well before and after that.  But once something like that happens, it tends to change one’s feelings about that particular bow.

    Then I made the mistake of firing a mathews earlier this month.   Man, it was in a completely different league than my bow.  I sold a bunch of stuff when I saw this parfticular Z7 Magnum and got it.  It should be here next week.

    My name is Jason and I live in Allen, TX

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    Awesome bow love my mag z7

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    Saw or I should say heard that happen to my husbands Darton bow. I was in the house and he was in backyard when I heard this hellacious crack.
    ran out there and as he was pulling back the limb split, I expected to see an arrow in reverse through his shoulder. It was crazy, his arm was sore for a few days. Darton replaced bow and were very sorry it happened. He’s back to shooting so we’re all good there. I bought a Jewel for myself after shooting a half dozen other named bows and felt a world of difference the second I pulled the Mathews back.  Have fun with your new bow.
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