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  • July 25, 2013 at 11:32 am #585451 Back to Top REPORT
    I just recently let my son have my backup hunting bow so I’m in the market for a replacement. Last year I
    got some great feedback on here that led to the purchase of my current #1 bow, which is a Z9. It shoots great and I had a very successful season with it. Now I’m just wondering what everyone would suggest for my next Mathews. I’m not speed crazy just looking for another tack driver. Thanks!
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    The Creed!  It is for sure a tack driver…  I have never shot this good out to 60 yards.   Wish I had more pins in my sight..  No telling how far I could shoot.
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    Second vote for the Creed. Love mine!
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    Creed for sure!
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    Thanks for the  responses guys. I shot a Creed yesterday and really liked it, but my dealer doesn’t have one in my draw length. I may have to go ahead and have him order one.
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    Z – Mag……..

    You will only know after shooting them which is best for you….Cant go wrong.

    Creed is a great bow…myself, I like the Helium better. Also the chill and MR’s.


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    My vote is for the Chill. This is an issue that you will have to decide. Good luck.
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    What are the advantages that you feel the Chill offers versus the Creed?
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    What are the advantages that you feel the Chill offers versus the Creed?

    The Chill comes standard with the Focus Grip, which may influence some because of the way it will hold in your hand.  The Chill does not have quite the rock-hard back wall that the Creed does, and that may sway some as well.  Because of the location of the stops on the Creed a dryfire or semi-dry fire is more likely to provide limb damage.  Of course, dryfire is a catastrophic event, and something is likely to be damaged when it happens, but the limbs will be the worst thing that can happen to your bow.

    And the Creed is about 5 fps quicker and almost as quiet.

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    IMHO, I’d wait a few months to see what 2014 brings. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}

    Depends on what you are looking for in a new bow. I like a longer ATA, less sharp string angle, and I like to keep the DW down because of aging shoulders. The MR-6 would be my choice now if I were to get a new bow … but I have the original Monster and it is a tack driver. At 63#/28.25″ it shoots a 5 gr/lb arrow at 325 fps and a 492-gr arrow at 270 fps. The Monster is not the smoothest drawing bow, but at 60# it  is comfortable and manageable … at 70# not so much.

    The draw backs on the Monster-series bows are:
    – Finicky to tune with cable actuated rests. Works best with shoot through rests or limb actuated rests.
    – Heavy. OK to pack in a mile or so to a stand, but for covering a lot of miles in a spot and stalk hunt they are burdensome.
    – In addition to paper tuning, walk back tuning, etc. they really need to be Creep Tuned to get a solid back wall and optimal accuracy.

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    Have an Open Mind!

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    July 26, 2013 at 7:56 am #585821 Back to Top REPORT
    Thanks for the great responses guys!  If I new something with a longer ATA was in the works for November I would probably buy used now, then new later. I have older shoulders too and have enjoyed shooting bows like the LX and Drenalin LD in past years. I’ve had approximately 25 Mathews over the years and just love setting up and shooting different bows! With all that being said I always have to have at least two bows on hand that I have total confidence in when September rolls around!
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    I would go with a Helim, or Monster. I absolutley love my Monster 7 and Helim. But I agree with the statement from archer, wait to see what pops up in November.
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    You could probably find a really good deal on a used Helim also
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    Thanks again! I appreciate everyone’s input!
    lots of great advice!
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