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    Was having too many fox troubles when birds were free ranging.  He tore my birds up, killed 8…. so I killed him.   He was covered head to toe with mange.  whole side of his face was scabbed.  About two months goes by and I saw another mange fox trot through the back yard…  I knew this was war.   Couldnt get the gun fast enough… he was gone.  Sacrificed a bird for the trap… only caught coons.

    So I began to come up with a way to keep the birds confined, but they could have fresh grass and enough room to walk.  I began construction after I made a plan.


    So I kept working on it in my spare time…


    about this time a fox came in front of my truck and chased a bird into my garage with me standing in the garage working on the coop (cutting a board).  I chased him with everything in me but I couldnt catch him.  I was just going to try and tackle him and punch him in the head till he died.

    So I kept working until I had created this…. board by board, 100% original…




    it has a large eye hook on run end  I can attach winch cable from ATV or use my tractor bucket to lift and move.  It has a pull cord for the ramp to raise and lower and a heat lamp for winter inside.  I fabricated a window to let some natural light in and a window style vent on side opposite of the window.  Its preadator proof and I can still leave run end door open to let them out if I wish.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Lol awesome story especially the part about punching a fox in the head. Really did a lol. Great idea and build also i love my 3 little chickies get 3 eggs a day. Later
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    Nice chicken tractor…  I’ll take one.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_big_smile}
    The end is near....
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    I buddy of did the same thing there great. I haven’t had any trouble with foxes but last night a seen some skunks come in and eat about 9 egg. I got one of the smelly little guys.
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    bootheel boy

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    I have a friend who built a basic plain one.   His is about 12 x 12 he moves his around to a different spot every day.   Yours is a Cadillac compared to his.  Very nice.
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