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    My brother wants a new bow. He wants either the reezen 7.0 or the alphamax 32. I have tried to help him with his decision but i haven’t shot the hoyt alphamax so i cant really help him because i have only shot the reezen. What are the pros and cons of both. Any help with his decision would be greatly appreciated
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    neither get a monster
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    have your brother shoot every bow he can, the bow will pick him ;)
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    both are great bows, but mathews service cant be beat. its 2nd to none..
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    Very pleased with my 7.0 Reezen. Tuned up nice and shoots great.
    Mathews Solocam and Chill series
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    That’s a tough choice. I have shot them both and would have to shoot them both a lot to decide. Mathews service may be the deciding factor. I think the Reezen is faster but not by much. I shoot with a friend who is shooting the AM 32 and it is a fast, smooth, and accurate bow. Even with broadheads.

    It will get down to what the archer wants in a bow. I don’t care for the Hoyt cam systems and the bulky riser. But that’s just me :whistle

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    Definitely the reezen. :thumbup
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    How old is he? If he is younger than you and still growing, I’d chose the AlphaMax because the DL is adjustable and it weighs slightly less. I think the AlphaMax has a slightly smoother draw cycle, which accounts for the slightly lower IBO rating, which is really not a factor, IMHO since both bows are plenty fast.

    On the other hand, if this would be his first bow and you are not considering a DW over 50#, then he/you should also consider the Mission Menace.

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