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    i ordered me a new chillr tactical this evening. It’s gonna be 28.5 at 70 pounds. I was wondering about  inking on going with Easton full metal jackets with a .340 spine. Can you help me out. Is that to much?
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    that would be a good choice for a small diameter ,high k.e. arrow. spine should be good but you may find that 300’s may work better if you have poundage maxed and using fixed blade broadheads.
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    my local bow shop sells single arrows as well as by the dozen, i usually pic 2 or 3 that i would like to have and buy 1 each shoot them through paper and pick the one i like best. its alot better than buying a dozen then find out they wont fly right in my bow. for a 55 to 60 pound bow beman ics pro hunter 400 spine cut at 28″ shoots bullet holes and balances foc at 11 percent.
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    Arrow selection drives me nuts.
    Weight vs spine vs length …………..

    I had an Endeavor, then went to a Ballistic now I have a MR5. Some where along the line I had operations on both shoulders so the weight I could pull was increasing from 0 to 65 and moving toward 70.

    Breaking me up buying arrows!!

    Luckily my 2 sons and a granddaughter are recreational shooters and just getting started so they lose an arrow occasionally. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}


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    I shoot a Creed 30/65# and I also shoot the Full Metal Jackets 340.  They flew true and seem to be very good arrows.  I purchased because I wanted an all around arrow to get the job done shooting 3D, targets, and in the field.  I the field they hit a bit harder than other so are good for that 30-40 yard shot to blow arrows through your targeted game.  Be careful with the inserts.  They are not your normal insert that can be seen flush on the bottom, there is a special tool that is needed to insert the insert and they use epoxy to hold.  Very good when the process is completed, but a careful process none the less.  Be sure not to place the arrows vertical for 24 hours after inserting the insert with the epoxy.  Heard stories that the insert moved and ruined the arrow.  If you have a good pro shop that can put the insert in, I’d suggest that and like I said keep them laying down for 24 hours.
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