Need prayers for my sister

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    That is tough. That unfortunately is the way that more than one industry is heading. I know of a couple of people who only answer the phone at a insurance office who were required to become registered agents. Of course, their company paid for the prep classes and their test, but keeping their job hinged on their completion and successful
    test. Also, heard of this being part of real-estate office requirements for a few.

    Is Obamacare partly responsible for something like this?

    I honestly don’t think so, this is some kind of program her office wants to try thinking that it will be “more efficient” having medical assistants at the desk because they can supposedly answer more questions. That’s never been an issue in any Dr’s office I’ve gone to, 99.9% of the time the Dr or Nurse has to answer my questions. The only thing the MA’s in my Dr’s offices can do is take your height, weight, blood pressure and note your symptoms for the dr that’s it.  They aren’t trained anymore to answer medical questions than my sister is.   I think the incentive was more the Dr’s making more money getting a raise than anything for agreeing to go along with the program.

    I’ve been contacting friends in the medical field that I know trying to network to help her find a job. Have one buddy that’s the manager at a Hospital Outpatient Xray and scanning facility and he’s going to make some phone calls and see what he can do.

    How are you living your Dash?
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    Prayers sent, Brian. I hope everything works out.
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    Sorry to hear that Brian.  Hope she is able to find a position she likes and is able to be compensated appropriately for it.  I’d assume it wasn’t the Dr’s that had anything to do with this as it was more than likely a decision brought on by the “higher ups” in the hospital.
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