Need prayers for my sister

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    Some of you may remember me sharing that my sister went through a divorce last year, took about 18 months. She had a verbally abusive and on four separate occasions physically abusive husband.  Well last Friday she found out she is losing her job, that she’s had for the past 10+ years, at the end of this month. And the reason they are letting her go is absolutely lame! She works for a Dr’s office and is on the business side,now all the sudden 10+ years later it’s an issue that she doesn’t have a Medical Assistant degree, not sure why all the sudden that’s an issue. Let’s face it most front desk people at the Dr’s offices I’ve gone to don’t have one.  She knows more than most of the MA’s there and has been there longer than most of the employees.

    I’m ticked off about it and worried for her. Was racking my brain last night trying to think of how I could help her.  If you guys would please keep her in your prayers I’d certainly appreciate it. She’s been through a lot and this is just the icing on the cake right now.

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    prayers on the way bud!
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    Hope it all works out for her Brian
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    Will pray for her. Things will work out somehow. Always does.

    As for the ‘dismissal’ – I’ve seen that happen in a lot of places. Happened to me. I created and ran an IT dept in a school district for 10 years. I have a college degree and grad work. I retired and re-applied for the job but was ignored because I didn’t have a formal degree in IT. For the first 3 years they called me with their problems. I went back to work part-time last year to help them out and they called me back in again this year. I am told constantly from employees that they want me back.

    My daughter is in the same boat. She works for a company that recently decided all new employees have to be ‘degreed’ and must also be degree certified to switch jobs. Crazy thing is, she fills in and does those jobs already.

    My wife does not have a degree, but everyone at her office takes work to her to figure out and to write reports etc. The ‘college’ folks can’t seem to write worth a hoot.

    So much for ‘degrees.’ Life lessons can be worth just as much or more than a college degree.

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    Brian I hope she comes out on top with this and with all her experience in this specialized field I’m sure she’ll be hired at a hospital or other medical center. The ones around here like the one at OSU are growing.
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    I feel for her, and you! It is miserable wanting to help people, and not having the answers…trust in God is my best advice! Prayers sent!
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    God has a plan for her prayers sent
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    You got it Brian {#emotions_dlg.mathews_praying}{#emotions_dlg.mathews_praying}
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    On the way Bud!{#emotions_dlg.mathews_praying}
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    Sure thing Brian prayers on the way {#emotions_dlg.mathews_praying} {#emotions_dlg.mathews_praying}
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    Praying for your sister that everything will be alright!
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    So a little more to the story. They brought all these medical assistants in and straight face lied to my sister and the other 4 desk girls telling them their job was safe not to worry you aren’t being replaced. They even let my sister train her would be replacement for 3 weeks to take her job (of course at the time she was told she wasn’t going to lose her job). How nice of them {#emotions_dlg.typotux (25)}  There is no ethics in business anymore and it’s a crime the way people do business.

    So my sister and 4 others lose their job and for going on this new program with all medical assistants the dr’s get a raise, how quaint is that! They have to keep my sister and these 4 others on till the end of the month and the Dr’s can’t even look at them, they walk by with their heads hanging because they know they screwed them and my sister has voiced that to a couple of them.

    Because this is a large hospital owned company they at least can apply for another position within the company and if they find a job they want they have to be hired for it. However she could possibly take a 20% paycut because of this.  She’s going to do that for now and keep looking to get out from underneath these lowlifes who care nothing about there employees.

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    That is tough.  That unfortunately is the way that more than one industry is heading.  I know of a couple of people who only answer the phone at a insurance office who were required to become registered agents.  Of course, their company paid for the prep classes and their test, but keeping their job hinged on their completion and successful
    test.  Also, heard of this being part of real-estate office requirements for a few.

    Is Obamacare partly responsible for something like this?

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    Really sorry to hear that, Brian. I am praying for her as well, Bro.
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