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    Ive been looking at getting a target bow and if I like it enough and didn’t run into problems with a long axle to axle length in a treestand I’d even think about hunting with one but in my area all the archery shops do not carry target bows. Therefore my question is if there is anyone in the northeast region of missouri (near Hannibal, MO) that has a Mathews Conquest Apex 7/8 or the new G5 One that they wouldn’t mind me trying out? Also, if anyone knows a shop in that area that has either of those three bows if you could inform it would be much appreciated. I’m willing to drive a ways, like I said I just really want to get my hands on them and try them out.
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    I’m not sure about where you can shoot one but I am sure you will not have a problem out of a tree stand or blind with a “longer” ATA bow.
    I have hunted with my Dren LD at 37″ ata and currently the Prestige at 35.5″ ata. I won’t buy another bow at 33 or less.
    If you get a chance shoot the prestige also. I love mine and with my 29in. draw it’s faster than the rest of the target lineup.
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    Alright, and I have shot the conquest triumph and really liked it but it was only in production that one year. Thanks for the insight too, I have the Hyperlite now and it is a good hunting bow but past 40 to 50 yards it is hard to hold tight groups with so I’m wanting to switch to more of a target bow to compete with and hunt with. I’m a fan of Chuck Adams and he hunts with 45″ ata bow but I was worried how well a 35-42 ata bow would work, this may help my decision.
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    :D Yup..wish you luck on your choice…as calhoun stated we shot for decades with 48″ bows out of tree stands…stand and bend at waist to shoot and you will be just fine…


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    You can use any fine quality bow for 3D. I use my 2009 60# Monster for competitive 3D with all of the target equipment that would go on a pure target bow. Something to consider.
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