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    I had a ripcord fail to drop during the practice end of a tournament. Luckily it was a one time deal and worked throught the tournament as I had no other option. But in the back of mind I kept thinking when is it going to fail again and cost me 10 points. I eventually too it off and replaced it with a limbdriver and can’t seem to get the same consistency I had with the ripcord. I have QAD on my hunting bows and have yet to have a failure so you just never know whats gonna happen. Like many others, always looking for a better mouse trap. Good luck with the TT.


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    :whistle Gotta love rests with 22 moving parts :whistle :^O

    Never had an Ulgly Cookie Fail[/size:32h3kfcf] :whistle


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    never heard of an ..ugly cookie rest.
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    Jeff K in IL

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    I was in a stand getting set up and when I went to cock the rest it took me about 10 – 15 trys before it would cock. It just kept falling back down. When it finally stayed up I sat there and hit the thumb trigger to see if it was going to work ok and I couldn’t get it to go down until about the 5th or 6th try….not good. After getting it cocked again I left it alone.

    About an hour later a good buck came through, I thought the rest would probably work ok when I fired a shot so I took aim and watched my arrow fly about 2 feet over the deer. When I checked the rest it was still in the up position….end of hunt. Like I said I’ve used a QAD since 06 and never had any trouble but this one was only about a year old. Everything worked great that day the wind, the weather, the deer…’s tough to watch a P&Y deer run off because of equiptment failure !![/quote:12znr6bw]

    When I look around at most reviews of the top selling rests, I see this: the vast majority of people are very satisfied with the vast majority of rests. TT, Ripcord, Ultra… they all make good rests. But ALL of those rests are mechanical and subject to some type of failure at some point, and one can find complaints of failure with ALL of these rests. The timing for you was an obvious bummer, but the chances of it happening again in a similar situation are virtually nill, IMO. Unfortunately, I would say that the chances of a TT or Ripcord failing at the same time are probably just as good (or actually, just as small) as a replacement Ultra that won’t cost you any more money.

    Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t like your Ultrarest, then by all means get something different. But if your issue is truly a concern about failure at another inopportune moment, then you really ought to take Neil’s advice on his ‘ugly cookie’ because it’s about the only proven rest that once locked down truly doesn’t have mechanical components that could be subject to failure.


    Well, the best thing about the TT or any other rest that I have used like it, is that it just uses a spring. While that spring can break, I’d say its less likely to malfunction than the QAD internals. The QAD has more parts necessary for it to function. And, if push comes to shove, you can still use it if the cord breaks somehow.

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    My want to look at the D.O.A from AAE. I have been using it for over a year with no issues.Check out their web sight and you can see the rest work in slow motion. Uses very little tension to activate and the mathews version fits the riser rock solid. I have one on my Helim and will put one on my Chill when it comes in.
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    As all have said, with ANYTHING mechanical, there is always potential for something to go wrong. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law got ya there this time! I find it good practice to test everything before I go out, everything sighted in and functioning, etc. I have a QAD HDX and love it! Never had an issue, but again, ya just never know. There’s mechanics involved! Sorry to hear about the bad luck! You’ll get ‘em next time ;)
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    never heard of an ..ugly cookie rest.

    :^O Whisker Biscuit

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    W B ok…..learned something today :thumbup
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    W B ok…..learned something today :thumbup

    I think Neil has stock in them or something :p :p :p

    I love my downforce rest, I also had a QAD fail a few years ago, same thing rest just simply wouldn’t move.

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    Right in the middle of a hunt my drop away rest went south on me. The company will replace it but I don’t want the same rest after this one stopped working correctly at full draw on a BIG midwest whitetail. Thinking about a Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro rest just never tried a TT but I’ve heard alot of good things about their rest……Anyone using this rest ?

    I have been using a Trophy Taker Extreme FC Top Slot for several years. Like another post indicated it depends on a spring to pull the rest down. The cable pulls the rest up on the draw cycle.

    I have had two of those rests fail in three years. True to their policy, the rests were covered by the lifetime warranty. In both cases, the spring failed leaving the the rest partially up after the bow was let down. Fortunately, I had back up rests already since it took a couple of weeks to get the rests fixed.

    I’m still using the rest on my primary hunting bow, but have gone to a Trophy Ridge Tack Driver for my competition bows — no moving parts to fail.

    On my backup hunting bow, I’ve gone with a Bo-Doodle rest. It also has a spring, but I’ve never had an issue with it and it is a great rest.

    The rest of the story on those failures, I was shooting a lot — 100+ shots per day on average of three to four days per week. In other words, I was using a hunting rest at a much higher use rate than the manufacturer probably anticipated.

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