My DXT was stolen- was forced into the market for a new one!

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    I love Mathews- they are all I’ve ever shot. Kept the Q2 for 9 years and the DXT for 5. I practice quite a bit… all I do is bow hunt!   I haven’t had my draw length measured in a decade- believe it was 28. I would appreciate a little guidance – the Creed XS looks awesome but so do the others. Thanks – kind of excited but really bummed at the same time. I don’t ever buy new things if what I have works. Thanks
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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune, but on the bright side, you’ll be getting a great new bow to make friends with.   Having something like that happen leaves you with an empty feeling.  Was it stolen from your vehicle?
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    That stinks, Julian, and I’m sorry to hear about the theft. Seems like those reports come with greater frequency every year.

    As for guidance, truly your best bet is to get to a shop and shoot as many bows as you can. Put a stabilizer on it, and if you use on in the field, a quiver if possible. Get it as close to how you would set up a bow as possible. Pay attention to the comfort of the draw cycle. Get a feel for the balance of the bow. The DXT is one of the few Mathews I haven’t owned, so I really don’t have anything to compare it to. I had both the Dren and the Dren XL and both were superb bows. I personally prefer bows in the 32″+ length so I’ve not shot the Creed XS. If you can get to a shop to do some real world comparisons it would probably benefit you greatly.

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    That stinks.

    I run an MR 5 and can’t find anything wrong. It shoots and goes fast.
    I mostly hunt from a blind and the 33″ ATA fits.


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    Give the chill a try great shooter
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    Chill R or Chill X with the 85% rock mods and see what the new technology is all about.
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